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How to Differentiate DVD Player for the Cars

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How to Differentiate DVD Player for the Cars

Posted on 19th Jun 2013 @ 10:05 AM

With the popularity of DVD players for the cars, the car DVD player for sale on the market is becoming more and more various and difficult to distinguish them from each other. Many people are likely to identify car DVD players by brand name and price. Of course, this may work, but not necessarily the panacea.

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First of all, although most famous brand name car DVD players can ensure high quality, it is more likely to be faked. So when buying a brand name car DVD player, customers had better turn to the brand’s official website. Secondly, the out looking of the DVD players for the cars reflects the machines’ performance and quality. There are two kind of display screen: TFT and STN. TFT screen have a life-like and brightly colorful picture. And the picture of STN screen seems dimmer with a narrower angle of view. The definition is another important factor. This can be judged from the pixel index or can be observed by turning the display screen if possible. The thickness of a display screen tells something. It is believed that the thinner, the better it is for screen, and vice versa. In addition, from the sensitivity and the size of the display screen, we can tell something from each model.


In terms of car DVD installation, what should be noticed is that the player you choose is better of good adaptability to the power supply, and wide range of suitable temperature. When mounting the DVD player for cars, do not let it get exposed to sunlight, especially for the display. The display screen is likely to get burn in. Also, much importance should be attached to the vibration resistance performance of the car DVD player. As in car electronic stuff, car DVD players are supposed to have professional vibration resistance design to be suitable for car bumping.


Moreover, the mounting bracket of car DVD player got to be smooth and flexibly adjustable, as well as have a strong absorption force to prevent the machine from falling off. The length of power wire is supposed to be appropriate too.


Generally speaking, whether car DVD players for the cars is good or not, to large extent, can be told form their outside appearance and visible details. Except for the brand name and price level, you can take more factors into consideration even as layman.


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