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Two Screen Car DVD Player Vehicle Fun Time Approach

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Two Screen Car DVD Player Vehicle Fun Time Approach

Posted on 24th Jun 2013 @ 9:55 AM

What is the most accessible vehicle entertainment electronics device for mobile audio and video enjoyment? If look into the market of car DVD player products, typical two screen car DVD player headrest mounted must be the exact item that most of us would think of first.

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Two screen car DVD player works just like common car DVD models do, playing DVD formats digital TV, radio programs, games and so on. It is also commonly of compact size, light weight and have a fine visual effect with fantastic clarity of true color and picture. At the mean time, it extends the capability of car DVD with a second monitor to allow passengers to play video from separate screens. The mounting of dual screen car DVD is quite versatile to ensure comfortable viewing experience of passengers. For instance, one can be located in the on the back of front seat to give access to rear passengers, while another one can be mounted directly somewhere within the line of sight of the front passenger.


As we know, most common automobile DVD player, which have single compact screen cannot satisfy full occupants of the vehicle. Two screen car DVD players come as such an accessible solution to this. The two screens provide easy viewing access to the passengers in different positions of the vehicle for sharing the same video. Moreover, dual screen output will provide two options of entertainment to choose at the same time. In most cases, it is nice that both the monitors are mounted in the headrest for two kids on rear seat to have diverse enjoyment. One of the kids can watch movie and the other one can playing video game, and wear wireless headphone to avoid interference between each other. Actually, almost all headrest car DVD player possess the option for using headphones and thus allows for individual enjoy without bothering other especially the driver who is supposed to concentrated. If there are kids in car, a two screen car DVD player would be a must-have solution to keep peace.


All in all, two screen car DVD player is a great approach to entertain passenger at all age and it is suitable for a any car model, private car, business car, SUV and so forth.

Such kind of models nowadays is quite affordable and easy to install, compared with other type of DVD player gadget.


If you find that you are in need of convenient car entertainment audio and video access device and see the value of more than one single monitor, you shall take a deeper digger into more distinct dual car DVD player options available.