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Overhead DVD Players for Vans

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Overhead DVD Players for Vans

Posted on 28th Jun 2013 @ 10:08 AM

Nowadays, having a car DVD player is nothing rare since it is becoming a common item in our car life. In dash car DVD, overhead DVD players for vans, dual headrest mount DVD and so forth can be found in different kind of car models.

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The demands of car entertainment are always on the rise nowadays. Car DVD player, with excellent functionality and great compatibility, takes up a large proportion in the market of electronic car entertainment devices, and absolutely brings enormous change to people’s mobile vehicle life. In dash single/double din car DVD player, GPS car DVD player, dual car DVD player, headrest mount DVD, sun visor car DVD player, armrest car DVD… They come in diverse but all serve the same purpose: make our road trip enjoyable.


Just look into the case of overhead DVD players for vans. Overhead DVD players are also what we know as ceiling car DVD player, flip down DVD player or roof mounted car DVD player. Mounted in the ceiling of vehicle, the DVD player allow for various entertainments such as mobile video, music, wireless game and so on. The sort of DVD players are well-known especially suitable for large vehicle like trucks or vans. The reason is simple and self-evident. Overhead DVD unit is best solution for big screen movie viewing with its common size ranges from 9-15 inch and even larger. The screen will unavoidably occupy quite large headroom when enjoying video.


Car DVD player is just like mobile theater. An overhead dvd player is no exception. What are the typical functions of car DVD players? First of all, it can support DIVX, compatible with formats such as DVD/CD/CD/MP4/MP3/WMA/JPEG. Mobile sharing of movies, music, photos are well backed by the device. In addition, USB port, SD/MS/MMC card reader functions are commonly supported nowadays. Others are like FM transmitter to be connected with audio device in car, TV system for mobile high quality TV receiver, wireless gaming function and so forth.


Comparing different model of car DVD for vans, it is likely to locate an overhead DVD unit, with the advantage of best viewing, lower price range and easier mounting process, and the easy access to shared video for all passengers.


With overhead car DVD players for vans, passengers both in the front seat and back seat are able to have good viewing of the video for a wonderful ride. Well, if your vehicle happens to be with large room like vans, truck, SUV, an overhead car DVD player model must be exactly what you are looking for. Check it out here justcardvd.com, the long-established wholesale supplier for details.