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Portable DVD Player for Car Headrest

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Portable DVD Player for Car Headrest

Posted on 3rd Jul 2013 @ 9:41 AM

Portable DVD player for car headrest is the portable DVD designed suitable for mounting at the car headrest, which usually come with adjustable arm to fit diverse DVD player sizes. The DVD player portable and headrest is one of the most favorable devices for audio and video entertainment. It is quite a great item to keep you entertained during long car journey with features of portability, compatibility and flexibility of use.

7-inch Headrest Car DVD Player with touch screen + SD/MS/MMC 3-in-1 Card Reader-Single Black

Installed at the back of the front seat, portable DVD player for car headrest is very convenient for passenger to watch video. It is easy to get the best viewing angle using a portable DVD player, which can be headrest mounted or swivel. Like other DVD models, the portable model, with a built-in DVD player, can also play diverse formats such as DVD, CD, CDG, MP3, WMA and so on. With the advance of technology, car DVD portable can also be compatible with various external connections. For instance, USB slot and SD slot to playing the multimedia through the device. Many models have IPOD dock, IR stereo transmitter, FM transmitter etc, allowing for richer entertaining source. As for the audio enjoyment, the headrest car DVD commonly has an in-built speaker with power magnifier support surround sound a wireless headphone to apply to the headphone jack.


For kids, one the functions they like most about a portable DVD player car headrest would be gaming function. Especially, boys are likely to prefer playing video games to watching movies in car. Gaming function is one of the typical functions for car DVD today. They usually come with a game disc and a wireless remote control, allowing for downloading games from internet.


As a handy auto electronic device that worth investing, portable car DVD headrest is enjoying great popularity in the market. The availability of the sort of DVD model is also diverse and varied. Which one of those would be the most appropriate one? From personal point of view, a high resolution LCD screen of proper size is important. Wide angle swivel capability is also a beneficial factor. Also the connection capability with MP3, MP4, USB, IPOD etc means a lot in practical using. A rechargeable long life battery is indispensable for a good portable car DVD.


All in all, you may find it evident that portable DVD player for car headrest can be the best choice when having a family travelling time. You will have fun all along the whole trip with rich source of video, photo, music, tv shows, radio program and so on.

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